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Graphite - Essential Pencils

Graphite Pencils
Balance Graphite Pencil
Back of Graphite Pencil Pack
Graphite Pencil Tube Set
Graphite PencilsBalance Graphite PencilBack of Graphite Pencil PackGraphite Pencil Tube Set
Ships May 12th

Graphite - Essential Pencils

This item is available for pre-order. Any purchases made will start shipping May 12th, 2022.


  • Six #2 Graphite, individually scented pencils which are separately housed in plastic tubes with a replaceable cap for maximum smell retention and aroma.
  • Each environmentally friendly essential pencil is made from tightly wound recycled paper.
  • Each pencil is coated with an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coating minimizing the transmissions of germs for added safety.
  • Sturdy white eraser.
  • Our 6-pack of #2 graphite pencils comes in 6 essential oil aromas for a variety of uses.
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  • Colored Pencils
The essential oil scents are tremendous.  Finally, someone has made a scented writing instrument that has scents with a purpose.
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