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WINNER of Time Magazine:  Best Inventions of 2022 award!

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Focus Colored PencilBalance Graphite Pencil

The Premium Pencil
+ Essential Oil Scents
+ A Germ-Inhibiting Coating
+ Made from Recycled Paper

These pencils provide a unique combination of
essential oil scents and antimicrobial agents together
in a quality writing instrument.
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2022 TIME Magazine: The Best Inventions of 2022
Balance Colored Pencil

The Packs

Our Scents of Wellness

Red BacteriaRed Bacteria

The AntiMicrobial Coating

Each pencil comes with Microban®, a leading antimicrobial coating for effective
protection against bacteria and fungus.

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As a big fan of essential oils, I just knew I had to try out these Essential Pencils! And boy did they not disappoint!
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